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And so our story begins…

As predicted a few years ago, we have seen a massive boom in the sales of products that ensure a significant gain in wellness. In the past, the focus on health centered on exterior appearance, an almost superficial approach; now the focal point has shifted to equally satisfy our inner and outer physiological well-being.  We are at the very beginning of what has been dubbed the ‘Wellness Revolution’ and the signs for this are here right now.

Stemming from the industrial revolution where food processing began and manufacturers focused on taste rather than nutritional benefits, the need within our society for nutritional improvement has never been greater.  The processing of foods took most of the nutritional value out and even now, our grocery market today still continues to stock so many of these

‘hollow-nutrition’ foods. Disease rates are extremely high and consumers are seeking natural ways to not only remove ill health but also gain a longer life with a heightened state of wellness.

As technology continues to drive society and we become a more educated race, people now want more ‘buzz’ out of life and they are more aware of the need for better nutrition than ever before, especially with all the media hype surrounding obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. As consumers see the sense and simplicity in functional foods and feel the real benefits and the wellness industry gains momentum, sales will only continue to sky rocket.

Emanating from passion and a deep knowledge of ‘Foods for Life’, Dr Warren Stewart and his family knew this revolution was about to happen and founded Morlife in 2000 with the ultimate goal of enhancing one’s nutritional intake to gain wellness and experience more out of life.

Since inception, Morlife has developed a range of affordable fortified functional foods targeted at those consumers aiming to seek health improvement, filling a much required market gap.  Our core benefit is nutritional improvement for gaining wellness that will in turn facilitate users in gaining ‘more out of life’. Morlife prides itself on making its functional foods as complete and nutritional as possible.

The consumer does not need to know a lot about all the nutrients for dealing with a complaint or dysfunction, nor do they need a recipe book on dietary supplementation. There is simply a new way, the Morlife way, and we are passionate about being actively involved with consumers to communicate these simple nutrition solutions. We will continue to head this upcoming change alongside savvy retailers who join forces with us to be at the forefront of the wellness revolution.

This is the Morlife story… simple nutritional answers to gain wellness.  We are passionate in telling this story, and know this is the key to being the leaders in the Wellness Revolution.