Gold Coast Bulletin: Morlife a Headline Act at Food Awards

Gold Coast food business Morlife is in the running for 11 Food Magazine Awards. The awards, among the Australian food industry’s most prestigious, drew 200 entries across 16 categories. They highlight innovative food companies and recognise their commitment.

Morlife products selected as an award finalists encompass eight categories:

▪ Employer of the Year ▪ Protein Body Food Bar (Health and Wellness Category) ▪ Fibre Klenz Powder (Ingredient Innovation category) ▪ Dark Chocolate Coated 5 Berry Mix (Label Design Category) ▪ Organic Ginger Digest Tea and Organic Green Tea Antiox (Organic Category) ▪ Chia Pudding and Mediterranean Herb and Tomato Quinoa Risotto (Prepared Food Category) ▪  Goji Antiox Multigrain Porridge and Protein Body Food Bar (Read Meals Category) ▪ Coco Hydrate Food Bar (Snack Category)

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Morlife owner and director Warren Stewart said the company’s goal was to research, develop and educate consumers about functional foods.

“Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and now know that they can gain a better quality lifestyle through nutrient-dense foods”. He said.

“Every year the company because stronger and the Morlife team becomes more solid.”

Morlife began as a two-person family business in 2000. The company now has more than 60 employees, distributes product across Australia and exports to Dubai, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and South Korea. The Food Magazine Awards will be held in August on Sydney’s largest floating event venue, The Dockside Pavilion.

Gold Coast Bulletin- 13/7/15