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Quality Control

With a strong rising awareness of food safety issues, it is a major advantage that Morlife products are made under an internationally recognised food safety system, HACCP.  We are also proud to have ISO9001, an international quality standard where there is continuous auditing to ensure nutritional improvement in Morlife products that ‘best fit’ the goal of obtaining wellness.

Central to this quality system is the improvement of the nutritional content of the product and clearly nutrition research, body physiological and chemical function must be evident to ensure the best formulation.  Incorporating a quality system for best business practice is essential to making the most effective nutritional product.  Affordability can still be maintained by cost savings that a quality and food system brings, especially when the company truly lives and breathes the business mission as practiced by the Morlife Team.

It is assumed that the majority of quality health food products come with a high price tag. With Morlife, that is not the case. Quality and affordability is of paramount importance to both our retailers and consumers – and we deliver.  A concerning issue is when opposing brands market penetrate on cheaper price by diluting nutrient content.  At no time does Morlife comprise quality for price. Optimum wellness is the foundation of our product range.

Morlife continues to create functional foods that not only taste good, contain a high content of nutritional benefit but through continual research, development and world wide supplier sourcing, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive.

The sheer lack of nutrients found in so called popular food products are horrifying, for example a common milkshake powder is almost all sugar and colour.  This is in contrast to a Morlife milkshake powder where 80.7% of the product’s powder is complex nutrients, mostly useful for immune function, particularly from colostrum.  The reality here is that when you have mainly sugar it is cheap product (price) – add colostrum and we have an ingredient worth around AU$80 per kg.  Clearly the effectiveness of the product is the first key to the widespread usage and the resultant product sales growth.  While the ingredients for a functional food are more costly, the end price of Morlife products are more affordable because our manufacturing efficiency is strongly focused on.

Further more, certified organic foods are used as much as possible to enhance nutrient content, as well as various food process and composition advancements are incorporated by Morlife.  Other aspects of the product must be focused on like enhancing the nutrient content in the food and its formulating to facilitate nutrient absorption when it is eaten, which brings a more effective product to the consumer.

Evidence of nutritional strength is provided to the consumer to ensure they gain faith in how much the Morlife product can be, in enhancing its beneficial effects on going wellness.  All in all, these factors bring confidence in the use of Morlife and higher sales means better economy of production, hence greater affordability.